Sponsors For World Distance 2023

Last years IVF World Sprints in London was a huge success and an amazing experience for our paddlers. This year we’re looking to get 13 kids to World Distance hosted in Samoa.

We had 2 teams qualify for World Distance this year. OC6 Girls 16 and Boys 16 and Ali’i Youderian (individual V1). KOYD is starting their fundraiser to help get these teams to Somoa to compete. Having individual or corporate sponsors would be fantastic. Here’s how:

Aloha ʻOe,

We are Keaukaha One Youth Development a Hawaiian non‐profit organization, a dedicated canoe/paddling
collective from Hilo, Hawaiʻi and would like to humbly ask you and your company to consider becoming a
sponsoring partner on our way to the prestigious IVF outrigger canoe world distance championship this
August in Apia, Samoa:‐world‐distance‐champs.html

Our story:
From the small town of Hilo, Hawaiʻi, a group of thirteen (13) athletes with heart, dedication, and willpower
surprised everyone in the paddling world and qualified for the “Olympics” of outrigger canoe paddling.
Cherishing and perpetuating the values instilled in us through our heritage of paddling and navigating, this
path has brought us to this once in a lifetime opportunity that is now before us.

Our goal:
As a youth development program that began from humble beginnings, stemming from a proud but not
necessarily affluent community, we want to represent Hawaiʻi on the biggest stage. Our will to succeed did
not come overnight but our success did. We believed deeply in the possibilities yet were surprised by
qualifying after our initial partaking. This is part of the reason why we could not create long‐term plans for
our budget but pretty much need to raise the necessary funds within weeks, not months…

Our promise:
We do not take our kuleana (responsibility & privilege) lightly. We know that every dollar chipped in for
our cause could have been spent in so many ways…that is why we would like to remind you why your
decision in sponsoring our goal is a pono (correct & rightful) thing to do:
* Become part of an incredible story, which is a one‐of‐a‐kind opportunity for your company’s social
media exposure.
* Become a member of our crew that travels across the world to represent Hawaiʻi and showcase
the true values and spirit of aloha and sportsmanship.
* Become a true cultural ambassador to Hawaiʻi on a globally covered/visible event.
* Become a prime vessel to reach your target audience and clientele.
* Show the world, your audience, that you are serious about corporate & social responsibility, live
your actions and support ambitious athletes.
* As pioneers and believers there is no end to possibilities, only beginnings.

To become a Sponsor or Donate:
All donations are tax‐deductible and can be accepted via check to Keaukaha One Youth Development at
the address above, or visit our GoFundMe page available online at:

For all other inquiries or possibilities on how we can represent your brand, sponsorship, business, or
organization, please feel free to reach out to us.

ʻAʻohe mea ke alu like mai kākou (there is nothing we cannot accomplish together),

Shadd Keahi Warfield Ph.D.
Executive Director