Kailana & Te Aito

Our first 2023 Hilo regatta was a great success with most crews improving their standings. 20 crews made it to the podium with the keiki coming on strong off the line with 10 crews in the top 3.

Combining the keiki and Novice A and B paddlers we were leading the regatta points going into the 1 mile events.

Good job to the Novice A/B/Mix crews. WNB with 3rd, XNB 10th (sorry about the poor holding job, current on lanes 4 & 5 were strong), MNB (DQ along with 2 other DQ’s. It happens), WNA 2nd, MNA 8th.

Gold Standards

Nice work to all our top crews

  • X12 – (Jordyn Osorio, Manoalii Publico, Mystiq Rosario, Reigan Shimahara, Taaroto Tuaupiki, Bailey Uyeshiro)
  • G15 – (Zoe Aoki, Tati Dunhour, Marley Osorio, Alohi Paulos, Malia Lani Simram, Brandy Uyeshiro)
  • B15 – (Kaiwiula Baker, Malakai Laititi, Tanoa Laititi, Reid Okazaki, Kotah Prudholm, Ulu Yung)
  • G16 – (Zoe Aoki, Jezney Chang, Tati Dunhour, Pua’ena Estocado, Pualani Estocado, Kaohulani Kalama)
  • B16 – (Kaiwiula Baker, Eha Kiyuna, Kai’olino Kualii, Malakai Laititi, Tanoa Laititi, Ulu Yung)
  • B18 – (Eha Kiyuna, Kahalia Masaoka, Tyler OBrien, Niau Paulos, Noah Pila, Umi Yung)
  • G18 – (Nahiena Kekuawela, Nauhikapakea Liwis, Dalilah Martin, Tyler OBrien, Noah Pila, Waiolu Publico)
  • M65 – (Jeff Clemenson, Warren Dela Cruz, Greg Kane, Mike Shintaku, Ben Smith, Egan Tasaki)
  • M50 – (Eric Baicy, Keone Chin, Grant Kauahi, Nathan Osorio, Romo Romo, Moku Young)

Lots of tough races with our club getting 2nd overall and 9 Gold, 8 Silver and 3 Bronze. We did see a large gap between us and Puna who took home 20 golds but they did it using their barely legal grandfathered koa canoe, Kalapana….

Keaukaha Regatta & Medals

At our regatta on the 24th we will distribute previous medals and celebrate the season after racing is pau. So be prepared to stick around for some fun. More information about everyone’s kuleana will be coming from coaches and members as we move through this week.

For food there will be food trucks and pop-up vendors that Kwai-Chang is organizing along with So Juicy also supplying food and juices.

KOYD will be selling cold pupus as part of their fundraiser to get the 13 kids to Samoa for the IVF World Distance race.

Keaukaha will also be selling drinks to help raise funds for the halau rebuild and canoe repairs.

Te Aito – Congrats Ali’i

The famous Tahiti rudderless race (V1) took place on June 11th. Our very own Ali’i Youderian (Puakea Team Rider), who also qualified for the individual event at World Distance with KOYD, made an impressive appearance by finishing this extremely competitive race in 11th for his division. Just for comparison he was a mere 5 minutes behind 1st place (Keoni Sulpice) who is already a professional paddler for Shell Va’a.

Serious Competition