Jackie Ray Race 2022

Saturday’s race had a good turn out with some sunny weather and some slight bumps. Long Course ran about 9.5 miles and short course was about 6 miles with both of them running south from Keauhou Bay.

Four Keaukaha paddlers decided to let the racers start as they loaded their canoes from the beach just to see if they wouldn’t be last. You know those famous stories: they started last but finished first. Unfortunately this isn’t that kind of story, but they didn’t finish last and still had a great time.

Congratulations to Tyler who hammered to first OC1 to finish (3rd overall) and Kama (6th overall) was the first V1 to finish long course.

Long Course: Tyler, Kama, Eric, Kawika, Keola

Short Course: Grant (division 1st!), Loren (welcome new member), Kawai (division 1st!), Warren