Huggo’s Valentine Relay Race 2022

A calm day with a light northerly swell met a packed field of paddlers on Saturday the 12th. This race has a few options, you can do half the course and tag a partner to do the second half, you can iron it and still tag a partner to do a leg or you can just power the full race solo.

Long course was 10 miles and the short course was 8 miles. You could either do half or iron the full course. We had an impressive top showings from our open men and a relay on the long course and division dominance on the short course. Congrats! Everyone managed top placings.

Long Course: Jose (1st OC1), Tyler (2nd OC1), Kama (1st V1), Kyle (and partners, 1st mix OC2)

Short Course: Grant (division 1st), Kawai (division 1st)