World Sprints Time Trials


Hilo Bay will be hosting World Sprints August 13th to 24th but before you setup your training plan, you’ve got to qualify. Hawai’i Time Trials will be held in Hilo on April 27 and 28 of 2024.

Time trials will consist of V1 and V6 canoes. Trials are 500m course which is one length and no turns. You’ll have to stay in your lane (marked like swimming pool lanes with floats). And you can have a boat holder if necessary (sometimes strong winds require holders).

If you’re interested in putting together a crew or going V1 here’s the requirements.

The following summary is NOT official and extracted from HCRA Documentation which is the primary reference. LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND AN ERROR.

Multiple Crews = Lower Fees

UPDATED: 11/27/2023

To file an intent, you do not need your crew roster. If you want to just do V1, you still have to pay $20. If you and a buddy want to just to race V1 then $40 ($20 each). This seems counter to what the instructions say, however 2 people have now verified this is how the charges are working.

Where you save is if you want to do V6 or V12 (no V12 for time trials, V6 teams that qualify can build V12 crew), you can sign up those slots and split the $100 and other fees with other V6/V12 teams. The problem is 1 person will need to be responsible for those crews and getting payments and informing them of dates and requirements and submitting all their papers. So be aware of how this system works.


  • Passports for all paddlers, no exceptions
  • File and Pay for your Intent BEFORE Dec. 2 2023.
    • $100 per intent and $20 per V1 paddler
      • update: If you just do V1, it’s $20.
    • File intent for V1/V6/V12 crews (no roster needed)
      • update: $100 covers 1 or multiple V6/V12 entries
    • 50% more charge if filed late
    • Clubs can file multiple intents ($100 if 1 or more V6/V12 and $20 each V1)
    • Payment is done on-line when submitting your form
  • FORM: (
    • Our Club Contact is whoever is organizing your crew
    • You do not need to provide a roster list for crews until April.
    • Pay close attention to deadlines as materials are time sensitive and may sometimes require immediate attention.

Key Deadlines

  • December 2, 2023 – Submit Intent to Race
  • January 31, 2024 – Last Date to Add/Remove Crews
    • Roster not needed.
    • Crew changes must be made through your intent to participate form edit link – don’t submit a new form.
  • April 19, 2024 – Crew Rosters Due and Paddlers must be HCRA Validated
    • Paddlers may be from different HCRA Clubs
    • Passports are required for all paddlers. (If you need to renew or apply, start that process now).
    • Headshot photos (clear, front facing, no shadows, clear backgrounds, no hats, sunglasses, etc).
    • Proof of residency. (Required for foreign passport holders).
    • $40 / paddler dues to be paid


Place in top 6 in 500 Meter at trials for V6 or in the top 3 for V1. Here’s what to expect for next steps:

  • April 28, 2024 $240 – Refundable up to 50% on a case-by-case basis. Amount paid out and time to sprints race will be a factor.
  • April 28, 2024 Order uniform. All Hawaii participants must wear the Team Hawaii Racing Uniform while competing and during any medal presentations.
  • May 15, 2024 TUE’s, Anti-doping, and any other IVF required paperwork must be turned in
  • August 13-24 RACE!