Time Trials Results & Ohana Day

May 5th

Don’t forget May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) is our annual clean up and family paddle day.

To all parents and club members: we will have a cleanup and BBQ day on Sunday May 5th! Help spread the word!

  • Clean up – 10am to 1pm (mostly adult members’ Kuleana)
  • BBQ/Potluck 1:30pm (Friends and Family please join us)
  • Ohana paddling (we’ll have 1 OC6 for family, friends and kids to learn 3 at a time, along with 3 experienced paddlers + life jackets supplied)
  • OC6 Ama flying contests (2 canoe show down, 3 to 6 man crews, audience decides who advances to final)

For the cleanup:

If you have materials that could be donated it would help.

  • Some minor projects / supplies:
    • Need sections of galvanized chain link to close up the broken areas
    • Repair saddles (Fire hose padding will be available)
    • Sand removed around OC1 Halau 1 & 2 gates and under some of the canoes (check with stall owners)
    • PVC repair or replacement of the OC1 stands
    • Repair county hose valve by OC1 Halau 3 (If county hasn’t fixed it by then, need a valve NPT threaded)
    • Trim back trees and bushes from Halaus
    • Weed and Trash removal (need buckets and bags)
    • OC6 cleaning
    • Trucks to haul away trash
  • Things that will help
    • I’ll bring my pressure washer again for the shower area – might be nice to paint it too and maybe some lettering (“ALOHA”, “WORLD SPRINTS”, “2024”) – anyone have some colorful paint to spare?
    • Shovels, rakes, gloves, trimming equipment (take a look around now to see what you might be able to help with)
    • General tools for repairs
    • Clean OC6 canoes (buckets, rags, glycerin-based soap – without detergents which are bad for waterways, brushes, etc.)
    • Clean OC1 locks and lubricate
    • Repair your OC1 stall pads (personal responsibility)
    • Just cleaning and fixing stuff in general.


Mahalo nui to all the people who helped out on Saturday and Sunday. The event was a huge success because of the volunteers that keep the canoes going and the paddlers ready to race. Our club contributed about 95% of the non-HCRA volunteers and it wouldn’t have been a success without all of you.

We will be opening up a larger volunteer signup sheet and sending announcements for August soon for the world wide event. But our club will remain the central leader in making this event successful.


Congratulations to all the paddlers who trained and raced. We had some of the top paddlers from all over the islands show up to compete. It was a great experience racing against some of the fastest paddlers around.

These are not the official results, I’ve tried to extract the events where we had club members or teams qualify. Keaukaha had 10 total qualifications with Ali’i qualifying in both U19 and Open Men. It appears Kai ‘Ehitu managed to pull in 16 qualifications and Lanikai got 18.

QUALIFIED4 – Aaron Norris
QUALIFIED35 – Tiriston Kahookele-Santos
QUALIFIED53 – Ali’I Youderian
V6 – MEN 70
QUALIFIED53 – Makule Men
QUALIFIED10 – Waimanalo
QUALIFIED31 – Hawaiian 70 Men
QUALIFIED8 – Outrigger (Makules)
QUALIFIED58 – Keauhou
QUALIFIED87 – Namolokama M70
V1 – U19 MEN
QUALIFIED53 – Ali’I Youderian
QUALIFIED4 – Jaemon Foti
QUALIFIED4 – Castle Foti
V6 – MEN 40
QUALIFIED5 – Leeward Kai
QUALIFIED59 – Kana-40
QUALIFIED53 – Keaukaha (Kaaua)
QUALIFIED59 – Team East
QUALIFIED4 – Lanikai White
QUALIFIED51 – Kawaihae (Men 40)
V6 – MEN 50
QUALIFIED59 – Kana5-0
QUALIFIED3 – Uhane O Kailua M50S
QUALIFIED4 – Lanikai White
QUALIFIED4 – Lanikai Green
QUALIFIED53 – Wa’a Fitness
QUALIFIED86 – Kilohana Hoe Wa’A
QUALIFIED57 – Puna 3
QUALIFIED31 – Aloha Unlimited
QUALIFIED50 – Kai Opua 1
QUALIFIED57 – Puna 1
QUALIFIED53 – Keaukaha Wahine
V6 – U16 WOMEN
QUALIFIED86 – Kilohana Hoe Wa’A
QUALIFIED31 – Hawaiian 16 Girls Blue
QUALIFIED84 – Hui O Mana Ka Puuwai
QUALIFIED53 – Keaukaha (Koyd)
QUALIFIED50 – Kai Opua U 16 Women
QUALIFIED31 – Hawaiian 16 Girls White
V6 – U19 MEN
QUALIFIED59 – Kai Ehitu Tane 19
QUALIFIED4 – Lanikai Green
QUALIFIED53 – Keaukaha (Koyd)
QUALIFIED84 – Hui O Mana Ka Puuwai
QUALIFIEDH – Lokahi- Imi Ola Blue
V6 – U19 WOMEN
QUALIFIED86 – Kilohana Hoe Wa’A
QUALIFIED53 – Keaukaha (Koyd)
QUALIFIED4 – Lanikai
QUALIFIED84 – Hui O Mana Ka Puuwai
QUALIFIED64 – Paddlers Of Laka (Klk Black)
QUALIFIED7 – Keahiakahoe
QUALIFIED59 – Big Island Va’A 3
QUALIFIED4 – Lanikai Green
QUALIFIED53 – Keaukaha
QUALIFIED5 – Leeward Kai
QUALIFIED39 – Wailea
QUALIFIED59 – Big Island Va’A 2
Who’s charging in August? Team Hawai’i

Official Times And Results for All Heats:

Day 1 results

Day 2 results

World Sprints Planning

There are multiple events that your V6 crew qualifies for in addition to the 500m. There’s a 1000m and a 500m double hull race. For the 500m, 4 out of 6 paddlers must be the same as your trials crew. The additional races I believe you’re not restricted on your use of alternates. However they must be approved paddlers and have paid all registrations fees along with proper paperwork (passports, etc.)

Familiarize yourself with your events, rules, fees, deadlines, etc. as there is still more to do prior to the race.