Halau Cleanup – May 5 and more.

To all parents and club members: we will have a cleanup and BBQ day on Sunday May 5th!

  • Clean up – 10am to 1pm (mostly adult members’ Kuleana)
  • BBQ/Potluck 1:30pm (Friends and Family please join us)
  • Ohana paddling (we’ll have 1 OC6 for family, friends and kids to learn 3 at a time, along with 3 experienced paddlers + life jackets supplied)
  • OC6 Ama flying contests (2 canoe show down, 3 to 6 man crews, audience decides who advances to final)

For the cleanup:

If you have materials that could be donated it would help.

  • Some minor projects / supplies:
    • Sections of galvanized chain link to close up the broken areas
    • Repair saddles (Fire hose padding will be available)
    • Sand removed around OC1 Halau 1 & 2 gates and under some of the canoes (check with stall owners)
    • PVC repair or replacement of the OC1 stands
    • Repair county hose valve by OC1 Halau 3 (If county hasn’t fixed it by then, need a valve NPT threaded)
    • Trim back trees and bushes from Halaus
    • Weed and Trash removal (need buckets and bags)
    • OC6 cleaning
    • Trucks to haul away trash
  • Things that will help
    • I’ll bring my pressure washer again for the shower area – might be nice to paint it too
    • Shovels, rakes, gloves, trimming equipment (take a look around now to see what you might be able to help with)
    • General tools for repairs
    • Clean OC6 canoes (buckets, rags, glycerin-based soap – without detergents which are bad for waterways, brushes, etc.)
    • Clean OC1 locks and lubricate
    • Repair your OC1 stall pads (personal responsibility)
    • Just cleaning and fixing stuff in general.

Goodbye to Jeannie

Jeannie’s celebration of life was not surprisingly a very crowded affair. Friday’s gathering at the Yacht Club had over 250 guests and the Paddle out was just as well attended. We had help from other clubs to provide additional seats for friends and family as Bill spread her ashes in the bay she loved to paddle in. If you would like to share your photos or videos with others, look at her memorial site:

She was a positive force on the land as well as the ocean and she’ll be missed by many.

Beanie Heen Race

Due to Dave Yamagata unable to fully run the Yamagata Challenge this year, the Beanie Heen is the last OC1 until fall.

Long Course Results

Way to represent, Tyron!

PlaceBibNameCategoryGenderFinish timeGap
1521Grocholski Jr, NathanOC-1, JuniorM1:48:06.3
265Ho, Kala’eOC-1, JuniorM1:50:55.0+2:48.7
31801Foti, JaemonOC-1, JuniorM1:53:04.6+4:58.3
4111Team Capri-OC-2, 60+F/M1:53:17.7+5:11.4
5551Napoleon, MauiOC-1, 19-39M1:53:47.3+5:41.0
6238Pj & AlexOC-2, 60+M1:54:31.1+6:24.8
71787Hayward, EddieOC-1, 50-59M1:55:37.7+7:31.4
81669Bertaina, ToaOC-1, JuniorM1:56:14.3+8:08.0
939Grocholski, NathanV-1, 40+M1:56:56.7+8:50.4
101829Bess, JerryOC-1, 50-59M1:57:20.3+9:14.0
111668Becerra, CharlesOC-1, 50-59M1:59:22.1+11:15.8
128Ogata, TheronOC-1, 50-59M2:00:29.4+12:23.1
131811Nicolas, TyronOC-1, 50-59M2:01:25.2+13:18.9
141701Woods, LeoOC-1, 40-49M2:01:48.8+13:42.5
1569Old, DavidV-1, 40+M2:02:59.5+14:53.2
1626Daniels, JudeV-1, JuniorM2:03:11.8+15:05.5
171463Meyer, PatrickOC-1, JuniorM2:03:14.2+15:07.9
18882Team TanOC-2, 19-49F/M2:03:17.8+15:11.5
19626Free, MartinOC-1, 50-59M2:05:04.3+16:58.0
201768Ward, MakaylaOC-1, 19-39F2:05:23.9+17:17.6
2125Kilgore, JimV-1, 40+M2:05:28.5+17:22.2
221741Ho, KonaOC-1, 40-49M2:06:09.2+18:02.9
231411Hunter, BrianOC-1, 50-59M2:07:54.1+19:47.8
241662Daniel, DarcyOC-1, 50-59F2:08:01.9+19:55.6
251704Pucong, MalakaiOC-1, JuniorM2:08:30.4+20:24.1
261413Lee, ZalynOC-1, 19-39M2:09:32.7+21:26.4
271809Heiss, MikeOC-1, NoviceM2:10:02.0+21:55.7
281692Sticks And Tiny BubblesOC-2, 19-49M2:10:20.6+22:14.3
2937Powers, OliverOC-1, JuniorM2:10:30.7+22:24.4
30888Anderson, SusanOC-1, 60-69F2:11:33.0+23:26.7
311705Kahulamu, NolenOC-1, 40-49M2:12:47.4+24:41.1
32300Benavides, KarlosOC-1, 40-49M2:13:00.0+24:53.7
331752Parker-Bailey, TroyOC-1, 60-69M2:14:49.8+26:43.5
341750Heiss, BrennaOC-1, JuniorF2:20:03.8+31:57.5
3599Morris, LouiseOC1, 70+F2:33:24.4+45:18.1

Short Course Results

Great Job Casey, Talan, Greg, and Crystal!

PlaceBibNameCategoryGenderFinish timeGap
157Gladden, KekaiOC-1, 19-59M1:13:09.8
21515Ohana Va’aOC-2, 19-59F/M1:13:47.1+0:37.3
31803Farmer, TroyOC-1, 19-59M1:14:31.5+1:21.7
44430Lai, JrOC-1, 60-69M1:14:52.1+1:42.3
521Leyva, DanielOC-1, 60-69M1:14:57.9+1:48.1
61816Kamauoha, GaryOC-1, 60-69M1:15:10.6+2:00.8
7199Morris, CaseyOC-1, NoviceM1:15:33.6+2:23.8
81716Axelson, MarkOC-1, NoviceM1:15:53.4+2:43.6
919Orosco, SylOC-1, 19-59M1:16:07.4+2:57.6
101691Nicolas, TalanOC-1, JuniorM1:16:20.3+3:10.5
111719Huli ChickensOC-2, 19-59F/M1:16:30.0+3:20.2
12543Watters, R.D.OC-1, 19-59M1:16:40.2+3:30.4
1371Kane, GregOC1, 70+M1:16:52.9+3:43.1
149Elliott, JimOC-1, 60-69M1:17:28.4+4:18.6
15171Roth, ShaunV-1, 19-59M1:18:22.7+5:12.9
161656Akau, KaeaeaOC-1, JuniorM1:18:49.0+5:39.2
17279Mama & Papa BearOC-2, 19-59F/M1:18:57.5+5:47.7
181817Vondrak, VladimirOC-1, JuniorM1:19:10.2+6:00.4
1914Muin, JosephOC-1, 19-59M1:19:38.3+6:28.5
2049Thompson, ChuckOC1, 70+M1:19:47.3+6:37.5
21239Spirit Of ScottyOC-2, 19-59F1:20:36.7+7:26.9
221663Bertaina, Giovanni OnosaiOC-1, NoviceM1:20:48.8+7:39.0
231620Tan, Hina’EaOC-1, JuniorF1:22:07.7+8:57.9
24721Green, Jene’OC-1, NoviceF1:22:23.1+9:13.3
251416Martin Ekings, SamOC-1, 60-69F1:23:48.7+10:38.9
26294Cheyenne And PeriOC-2, JuniorF1:24:48.0+11:38.2
271679Kaiawe-Zager, He’EnaluV-1, JuniorM1:26:06.9+12:57.1
281753Learned, BrodieOC-1, JuniorM1:26:24.6+13:14.8
29162Jarvinen, SuzanneOC-1, 60-69F1:26:41.0+13:31.2
301441Martinez, CrystalOC-1, 19-59F1:26:59.2+13:49.4
31711Hodges, LoisOC1, 70+F1:27:24.5+14:14.7
32808Kukua, CheriseOC-1, NoviceF1:31:02.4+17:52.6
3318Shaw, SusanOC1, 70+F1:31:56.3+18:46.5
342743Solomon, MatthewProne Board, OpenM1:36:54.6+23:44.8
351767Ecker, KaetiOC1, 70+F1:44:06.5+30:56.7

Businessman Regatta

Always a fun pre-season race hosted by Kamehameha Canoe Club. The Businessman Regatta was held Sunday on the 14th. It’s a good way for new people to get a high energy introduction to paddling and a fun community event.

Hopefully you got to see some of the fun or got to race this year.