Final Days of Madness and EHC Results

The East Hawai’i Challenge race took place on Saturday and we are moving into the final days of March Madness.

March Madness Winding Down

Week 4 saw some new entries an some more shuffling on the leader board. Umi Umi Kea seems to have #1 locked in nearing a massive 150 miles! PHP is within striking distance only 7 miles behind. And ironically named #2 is still seeking their namesake, but stuck at #3 about 18 miles behind PHP. Oshun Addictshun almost 35 miles behind the leader and 11 behind #2. And in 5th we have Juan Barrientos who must be having a slow month of car sales as recent gains puts them in the #5 spot. What will the final days bring? Will there be be some last minute Herculean efforts to jump spots?

March Madness 3/28 Snapshot

Club miles padded total: 919.08. Lets break 1000!

East Hawai’i Challenge Race

Two courses were set and in classic EHC style they were long. The short course ran about 7 miles and the long course was about 10. The weather presented a “Kona-Style” beginning with a “Hilo-Style” finish. Short course racers lined the shore for a one foot on the sand start in hot calm weather. Their route was out the break wall, right to Onekahakaha and back with a quarter mile sprint along the beach to the finish.

Once the short course paddlers reached the tip of the wall the long course racers set out behind them. They had a similar course but out to Waiuli (Richardson’s Beach) and back.

The weather slowly switched from the Kona-like hot and flat to a light easterly breeze which slowly built. By the time the long course boats had reached the turning point a slight wind chop had started to form. While not a downwind sleigh ride, there were bumps to surf and a breeze to help push. The only downside was the easterly also meant the final 1/4 sprint up the beach to the finish was an arm burning upwind leg.

And naturally to close out the end of the race, a rain squall rolled in and dropped the temperature dramatically. Keaukaha paddlers represented well on all the courses with Jose the unchallenged long course leader with an amazing 3 minute lead. Honorable mention goes to Ali’i Youderian a Junior on the short course with a similar impressive 3 minute lead over the pack.

  • Long: Jose, Keahi, Eric, Jeff
  • Short: Grant & Kawai, Nahiena & Ryan “Kawika” Kekuawela, Greg, Kanoe, Lewis Fleishour (V1 Jr.), Brandi, Eha Kiyuna (V1 Jr.), Niau Paulos (V1 Jr.), Dalilah Martin (V1. Jr), Kwai-Chang, Kaui, Rena, Malakai Laititi (V1 Jr.), Cother-McKeague La’a (V1 Jr), Corrina, Waiolukea Publico (V1 Jr.), Tanoa Latiti (V1 Jr)

Over 650 miles and Kuuipo Race Results

March Madness: Week 3

Wow! Week 3 and our club has logged 672.16 miles! Umi Umi Kea remains #1 on the leader board. But we have a new challenger on the scene: PHP. It’s a good guess that PHP stands for a type of paddling style, probably something involving power and houses. Both of those two leaders haven’t logged many miles for the past week yet remain at the top. Most likely there are more miles to come from those two. Here’s how things look this morning:

Week 3 snapshot of results

It’s certain we’ll set some position shifts as people update their paddling logs and we’re seeing more shuffling on the leader board as positions 2,3 and 4 are tight. Juan made some gains and a few new players enter the game like Boneless Chicken, Olamon, Major Tom, Jake and Leinoaikealohaaina are adding miles.

Kuuipo Race Results

Keaukaha and KOYD paddlers made a great showing at the Keauhou Kuuipo Races on Saturday the 20th. The weather was calm and hot in spite of the high surf warnings and high wind advisories all around the state. Mauna Loa made a little pocket of clear skies and flat water. Some paddlers opted to skip the races in pursuit of more aggressive paddling conditions. But those who raced “enjoyed” the light south wind and north flowing current. The long course was 9 miles one way route and they got to enjoy the paddle upwind and up current whereas the short course got a little of both as they went south then north for about a 6.4 mile round trip.

Lots of junior paddlers out on the course thanks to Keahi borrowing Jun’s (from Hulakai) troop transporter able to carry lots of kids and canoes. Good job to all the paddlers out on the course!

  • Long: Jose, Eric, Keola, Jeff
  • Short: Keahi, Greg, Lewis Fleishour (V1 Jr. error in race category, no OC1), Eha Kiyuna (OC1 Jr. error in race category, not V1), Brandy, Niau Paulos (V1 Jr.), O-shen Kawaihae (OC1 Jr.), Dalilah Martin (V1 Jr.), Cother-McKeague La’a (V1 Jr.), Malakai Laititi (V1 Jr.), Nahiena Kekuawela (V1 Jr. error in race category, not 70+), Tanoa Laititi (V1 Jr.)