Stan Cann 2023

Another beautiful day in Hilo for a race. The snow capped mauna greeted the paddlers in a dramatic fashion after hiding in the clouds to reveal itself as they rounded the turn boats.

Long course had a little wrap around swell and bumps, but most of the course was a grind for a lot of us. There was some who managed to take advantage of the start boat not paying attention and rode their wake for waaaaay too long making catching them almost impossible.

We had a good turn out with 41 canoes on the long course and 44 on the short course. Our paddlers put the carbon to the saltwater and had a great time:

  • Long Course: Nik & Whitney, Mario, Kyle, Grant, Sam Tayler (guest paddler from Oregon), Eric, Kawai, Brandi, Kawena. (Honorary mention to Jose, who showed up well after the start and still passed almost everyone but wasn’t registered so he stopped at the beach)
  • Short Course: Greg, Rodrigo, Jeff, Gary, Lexi, Clem

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