OC6 Events

Scrimmage Races

Kai ‘Opua had their 2nd adult scrimmage race on Saturday in the slow roasting Kona sunshine. Crews were broken into 4 heats and they all paddled the same 6 mile course at different times of the day (aka. varying temperature settings?). A big mahalo to Kai ‘Opua for doing it in style. They took no fees, but provided everyone a nice wa’a and they had both a course boat and a safety jet ski for all the heats.

Keaukaha had two crews on the water: Heat 3: “Let’s Go Girls” and Heat 4: “KCC”. Congrats to the 2 crews (and perhaps a few Keaukaha paddlers that slipped into other boats)! Here are the times by heats:

1. KOP1 49.44
2. KOP mix 50:29
3. Paddling for Hope 50:31
4. Kawailoa 51:55
5. Paddling for Hope Aunties 53:53
6. Keoua 55:35

1. Hammah Jangah Bangahz 49:41
2. Waiulaula 53:04
3. Don’t Know mix 58:44
4. Keauhou 1:00:03
5. Hazmatics 1:00:42
6. That’s Good 1:02:16
7. Keauhou Oldies 1:03:33

1. Oh Snap 58:20
2. Let’s Go Girls 58:40
3. KOP2 1:00:51

1. We Don’t Know What We’re Doing 48:58
2. KCC 51:11
3. KOP2 51:17
4. KOP3 52:42
5. Just Us mix 53:36
6. All Buss 54:44

Kai ‘Opua was very supportive of all the paddlers and they want crews to sign up. If you have trouble getting a spot, contact Cheryl Villegas on their race registration page: via her email address.

And start training for the upcoming adult scrimmages:

  • July 3rd – 8 mile (Registration opens 21st and closes on the 30th)
  • June 19th – Cancelled due to Unlimited Relay Race Conflict
  • July 17th – 10 mile
  • July 31 – 12 mile

There are also Jr. events:

  • June 12 – Jr. only
  • June 26 – Jr. only
  • July 10 – Jr. only
  • July 24 – Jr. only

Aloha Unlimited – Unlimited Relay Races

June 19th, 2021 – Kiholo Bay to Kawaihae Surf Park: Also coming up this month is the 21 mile relay race in unlimited sponsored by Aloha Unlimited. Teams of 18 racing Unlimited Outrigger Canoes from Kiholo to Kawaihae in three legs, which include: men, women, and mixed crews, respectively. There will be at least one open Keaukaha crew competing.

August 7th, 2021 – Keauhou Bay to Anaeho’omalu Bay: This event entails teams of 24 racing Unlimited Outrigger Canoes from Keauhou Bay to Anaeho’omalu Bay in four legs, which include:  men, women, mixed crews, and junior mixed respectively. Men will start in Keauhou and paddle approximately 10 miles to Honokohau Harbor where the women will jump in and hand off at Mahaiula’s (~9 miles).  Here the mixed crews will take the helm and paddle to Kiholo Bay (~9 miles), in which the junior crew will change in and finish at Anaeho’omalu Bay (~7 miles).

Queen Liliu’okalani Race Registration Open

Kai ‘Opua is restarting their massive race week starting Thursday, September 2, 2021 through Sunday, September 5, 2021. There’s a reduction in events due to covid restrictions, but the 18 mile race is open for iron and 9 person crews as well as some of the Sunday individual events and double-hull.