OC1 Practice & Da Hui & Scrimmages

The Jr. paddling program will be temporarily suspended for at least 2 weeks starting next week, June 28th, because Keahi will be traveling until approximately mid July. If you were planning on helping or practicing with them just know there will be hiatus next week and we’ll announce when the program will restart.

Da Hui Paddle Race

Da Hui race normally held on north shore of Oahu is coming to Big Island July 4th. Open to just about every type of watercraft from SUP to OC6. If you’re ready to paddle, pick the 5 mile or 10 mile course and go hammer. They usually have great prizes and it should be a fun event. Register and get the details here:

Kai ‘Opua Scrimmage

The July 3 OC6 scrimmage is open for registration too. It’s fun, it’s free (they accept donations naturally) and a great build up to Queen Liliuokalani Race.


2021 HCRA OC6 Races & OC1 Practice

Moku has now officially opened long distance racing and this is the current race schedule (this is in addition to the Kai ‘Opua scrimmages and Aloha Unlimited Relays discussed in the previous post).

  • 8/07 Kamehameha (Hilo Side)
  • 8/14 Keauhou (Keauhou)
  • 8/21 Keoua (Honaunau)
  • 8/28 Waikoloa (Anaeho’omalu Bay)
  • 9/04 Kai Opua/Liliuokalani (Kailua Kona)

Still unknown is 9/11 Pailolo Challenge Race, but Molokai Hoe and Na Wahine O Ke Kai are officially cancelled.

OC1 Practice and help with keiki

Keahi is inviting anyone who wants to do some beginning to intermediate level paddling to join the kids group Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the water. They will start at Palekai (aka. Radio Bay) at 4pm so you can meet them outside of Palekai along the wall around 4, or you can catch up with them when they pass the bayfront halau. While you’re out there, you can help keep an eye on the kids and make sure everyone stays safe, yourself included.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4pm on the water outside Palekai or 5pm on the water outside the main Halau.

OC6 Events

Scrimmage Races

Kai ‘Opua had their 2nd adult scrimmage race on Saturday in the slow roasting Kona sunshine. Crews were broken into 4 heats and they all paddled the same 6 mile course at different times of the day (aka. varying temperature settings?). A big mahalo to Kai ‘Opua for doing it in style. They took no fees, but provided everyone a nice wa’a and they had both a course boat and a safety jet ski for all the heats.

Keaukaha had two crews on the water: Heat 3: “Let’s Go Girls” and Heat 4: “KCC”. Congrats to the 2 crews (and perhaps a few Keaukaha paddlers that slipped into other boats)! Here are the times by heats:

1. KOP1 49.44
2. KOP mix 50:29
3. Paddling for Hope 50:31
4. Kawailoa 51:55
5. Paddling for Hope Aunties 53:53
6. Keoua 55:35

1. Hammah Jangah Bangahz 49:41
2. Waiulaula 53:04
3. Don’t Know mix 58:44
4. Keauhou 1:00:03
5. Hazmatics 1:00:42
6. That’s Good 1:02:16
7. Keauhou Oldies 1:03:33

1. Oh Snap 58:20
2. Let’s Go Girls 58:40
3. KOP2 1:00:51

1. We Don’t Know What We’re Doing 48:58
2. KCC 51:11
3. KOP2 51:17
4. KOP3 52:42
5. Just Us mix 53:36
6. All Buss 54:44

Kai ‘Opua was very supportive of all the paddlers and they want crews to sign up. If you have trouble getting a spot, contact Cheryl Villegas on their race registration page: via her email address.

And start training for the upcoming adult scrimmages:

  • July 3rd – 8 mile (Registration opens 21st and closes on the 30th)
  • June 19th – Cancelled due to Unlimited Relay Race Conflict
  • July 17th – 10 mile
  • July 31 – 12 mile

There are also Jr. events:

  • June 12 – Jr. only
  • June 26 – Jr. only
  • July 10 – Jr. only
  • July 24 – Jr. only

Aloha Unlimited – Unlimited Relay Races

June 19th, 2021 – Kiholo Bay to Kawaihae Surf Park: Also coming up this month is the 21 mile relay race in unlimited sponsored by Aloha Unlimited. Teams of 18 racing Unlimited Outrigger Canoes from Kiholo to Kawaihae in three legs, which include: men, women, and mixed crews, respectively. There will be at least one open Keaukaha crew competing.

August 7th, 2021 – Keauhou Bay to Anaeho’omalu Bay: This event entails teams of 24 racing Unlimited Outrigger Canoes from Keauhou Bay to Anaeho’omalu Bay in four legs, which include:  men, women, mixed crews, and junior mixed respectively. Men will start in Keauhou and paddle approximately 10 miles to Honokohau Harbor where the women will jump in and hand off at Mahaiula’s (~9 miles).  Here the mixed crews will take the helm and paddle to Kiholo Bay (~9 miles), in which the junior crew will change in and finish at Anaeho’omalu Bay (~7 miles).

Queen Liliu’okalani Race Registration Open

Kai ‘Opua is restarting their massive race week starting Thursday, September 2, 2021 through Sunday, September 5, 2021. There’s a reduction in events due to covid restrictions, but the 18 mile race is open for iron and 9 person crews as well as some of the Sunday individual events and double-hull.


OC1 Races and OC6 Underway

Some old business first: OC1 Races


On April 24, 2021 HIPA held the Yamagata Challenge. A long race but this year there was a short course (10) and a long course race (14). We had paddlers in both courses and it was a great finish to the HIPA race series. Good job guys!

  • Long: Jose, Jeff
  • Short: Keahi, Grant & Kawai, Greg, Niau (V1-Jr.), Eha (V1-Jr.) Brandi, O-shen Kawaihae (V1. Jr), Dalilah Martin (V1. Jr), Jason, Cother-McKeague La’a (V1 Jr), Malakai Laititi (V1 Jr.), Waiolukea Publico (V1 Jr.), Kwai-Chang, Tanoa Latiti (V1 Jr), Tanoa Latiti (V1 Jr)

Keokea Invitational

Due to Covid and the small launching point, only paddlers invited to do the Keokea run were able to race this 11 mile course which finished at the old Coast Guard Station with paddlers continuing another 3 miles to Kapa’a to haul out in the surf and rocks. This is a race around the northern tip of Big Island were strong currents and wild winds meet. Once you start, you’re committed as there are no places on shore to stop.

Some of the big name paddlers came out to race. Our Keaukaha guys did an awesome job of chasing them down.

  • Keokea Hammahs: Jose, Kama, Keahi

Aloha Unlimited Productions “Dash For Cache”

This was a unique downwind, heat style race with top winners walking away with $500. (Sorry about the formatting, keep scrolling down past the videos for more OC6 info)

OC6: Aloha Unlimited Kohala Coastline Race

Kohala Coastline is back in 2021. Teams of 18 from Kiholo to Kawaihae in unlimited canoes. Follow their facebook page for updates.

OC6: Practice and Scrimmage Races

Members have been putting crews together and organizing their canoes and being Corona Virus safe. And just in time for Kai O’pua’s 6-man fun race series. This race series is free (donations accepted) and they provide canoes. The divisions are created by adding up the ages of all your crew members. Total ages are used to divide up results. So grab your 300 year old steersman and go! Did I mention it’s free and they are providing canoes?

Here’s Kai O’pua’s flyer for the event starting tomorrow, May 22 to July 31 and to sign up visit here.


Art Extension And Start May Racing – Win a Paddle

April Art Show Extended to May 15

We’ve extended the April Art Show to May 15 because we understand you can’t just turn creativity on. So show us what you’ve got. Here’s a sample of some submissions.

Help, my banana tree is sick – Tree
Anthurium – Heart

New Event – May Racing

Starting today, May 1, we are having a series of 4 different time trial races. You can pick and choose which course you want to do and when. You can also pick a fake name (or several) and submit as much race results as you can (or delete your slower times as you go).

Lots of Prizes!

The main price will be randomly chosen from those completing all 4 courses: A donated hybrid paddle cut to the winner’s desired length from HI. Pressure thanks to Keola and Eric.

Top 5 Men and Top 5 Women also get prices, but you’ve got to complete all 4 courses to qualify! Login and get to racing! (After logging in look for the May Racing link or menu Events->May Racing.)

The courses are all inside the bay and use landmarks so no GPS needed or worries about conditions outside the wall. Just bring a watch and huki!


Prize Winners!

March Madness Awards

After we logged nearly 1100 miles here’s the final standings.

If you want to reveal your identity just login first and go to Events->March Madness and there is a checkbox and a button to turn off your privacy so others can see who they were chasing.

Prizes Already!

Yeah yeah a little late but here are our drawing winners:

  • Prize #1 Aloha splash bag – Major Tom
  • Prize #2: Snack basket – Leinoaikealohaaina
  • Prize #3: Dakine straps – Aaron Norris
  • Prize #4: Magpul dry bag – Uphill Stride
  • Prize #5: Hydroflask can cooler – N8
  • Prize #6: Keaukaha jersey 1 – DLV
  • Prize #7: Keaukaha jersey 2 – #2

Contact Kanoe via the Contact Page to get your goodies or track her down on the beach.

April Art Prizes

In case you’ve missed some of the master pieces of GPS spaghetti work, take a look the gallery by logging on and going to Events->April Art Show. If you’re inspired pick a theme (Bunny: Easter, Tree: Earth Day, Heart or Paddle) and upload your art.

Prizes for Artwork:

  • Kamanu hat
  • Tie straps
  • Kamanu leash
  • Hulislem polarized sunglasses
  • 2 phone bags

See the April Art Show page for photos of the prizes.

May Event

May’s events will be announced soon but we plan to have a bigger prize as well as a grand prize for the series of events! Stay Tuned….


Yamagata Challenge Results

This past Saturday the last official points race for HIPA took place in Honokohau on the Kona side. The long course had a 14 mile run with 23 canoes and the short course 10 miles with 39 canoes.

Jose was 3rd overall and the first OC1 to finish on the long course. And Jeff pulled off a second in his division. Short course had a lot of podium placers with Keahi #1 surfski M.Open, Grant & Kawai #1 OC2 Mix, Greg #1 60’s M, Niau #2 V1-Jr-M., Eha #3 V1-Jr-M., Brandi #1 OC1-F.Open, Dalilah #1 V1-Jr-F., Jason White #3 OC1-Novice-M, Cother-McKeague #3 V1-Jr.F and Waiolukea Publico (#1 OC1 Jr.-F)

  • Long Course: Jose, Jeff
  • Short Course: Keahi, Grant & Kawai, Greg, Niau (V1-Jr.), Eha (V1-Jr.) Brandi, O-shen Kawaihae (V1. Jr), Dalilah Martin (V1. Jr), Jason, Cother-McKeague La’a (V1 Jr), Malakai Laititi (V1 Jr.), Waiolukea Publico (V1 Jr.), Kwai-Chang, Tanoa Latiti (V1 Jr)

Great paddling everyone. Don’t forget the “Dash for Cash” downwind sprint race on May 8th at ‘Anaeho’omalu Bay.


Kawaihae Surf Park Race Results

As the one man season reaches the end the courses are longer and the competition heats up. Saturday brought a light northerly breeze on some relatively flat water. The short course headed north about 4 miles followed by the long course start paddlers who chased them north for about 5 miles. Both courses returned on a slowly building north breeze to round out the 8 and 10 miles legs.

Good to see all the Keaukaha paddlers out there charging both courses, including our newest member Jason White. (Note these preliminary results have a number of errors regarding places and categories, but the times look correct).

  • Long: Eric, Jeff
  • Short: Keahi, Grant & Kawai, Nahi (Jr. OC2) & Kawika Kekuawela, Greg, Lewis Fleishour (Jr. V1), Mike McConnell, Shai Badon-Dellomes (V1 Jr.), Jason White, Niau Paulos (V1 Jr.), Eha Kiyuna (V1 Jr.), Cother-McKeague La’a (V1 Jr), Waiolukea Publico (V1 Jr.), Malakai Laititi (OC1 Jr.), O-shen Kawaihae (OC1 Jr.)

Upcoming Races

  1. The Yamagata Challenge this year will have a 10 mile short course and a 14 mile long course. This is a rare chance for you course guys to try the Yamagata as there is usually only one 14 mile course.
  2. The Big Island Championship race at Keokea is likely to happen but will be invitation only due to the limits placed on race sizes. More news as this develops.
  3. May 8, 9:30am at ‘Anaeho’omalu Bay Aloha Unlimited is hosting a “Dash For Cash” sprint race for OC1 and OC2. There will be 1-mile heats in a tournament style competition with wild card additions. Cash prizes to overall and age group winners! $25 to enter and you must pre-register here.

Madness Ends and April Art Begins

The club reached an impressive 1099.76 miles logged for March, and that’s not including all the people who didn’t log their miles. The top 4 paddlers logged over half of the 1000 miles alone.

Reveal Your Madness

If you participated in the event you’ll know there was a lot of guessing about who was who. Participants can now choose to reveal themselves if they wish. Go to the March Madness page and at the top you’ll see a new option to allow you to display your name in place of the (Private) label that is in the table now. Only people who members of our site can view the the non-private version of the this table, so it’s still not exactly public.

One final note on March Madness. It was interesting to see how consistent some paddlers were with their training. The more consistant you were the more ramp shaped the mileage gain. Here’s the final composite graph and you can see top 3 “Umi Umi Kea”, “PHP” and “#2” had pretty nice shaped ramps meaning they trained in regular intervals.


The prices will be drawn and winners announced soon! Also the prices for the next event will be announced very shortly too. Read on.

April Art Show Is Open

Our latest event will focus more on your mind than your ability to hammer out a ton of miles. This is a test of your navigation and creative skills. We’ve given you 4 subjects to choose from and you, your canoe and your GPS will do the best to try to express your artistic skills.

This month your challenge is to create works of art on the water with your GPS tracks. The subjects you can choose from include: Bunny, Tree, Paddle and a Heart. There’s no limits. You can upload as many “attempts” or as few as you want. Participants automatically get entered in the prize pool and your artwork will be on display for members to enjoy.

Just like the last competition you can use a nickname and you can edit your own log as needed. There might be a few bugs early on as no one has really tested the code out much, so if you run into problems contact us and let us know.

You will need the ability to upload a screen shot of your GPS track. Android and iPhones can easily take screen shots for you. Here’s iPhone instructions and here’s how to do it on android.

Prizes are not based on subjective art quality, but randomized again for participants. When we have a full list of prizes and photos we will post them!

You must login to view club events and participate:


Final Days of Madness and EHC Results

The East Hawai’i Challenge race took place on Saturday and we are moving into the final days of March Madness.

March Madness Winding Down

Week 4 saw some new entries an some more shuffling on the leader board. Umi Umi Kea seems to have #1 locked in nearing a massive 150 miles! PHP is within striking distance only 7 miles behind. And ironically named #2 is still seeking their namesake, but stuck at #3 about 18 miles behind PHP. Oshun Addictshun almost 35 miles behind the leader and 11 behind #2. And in 5th we have Juan Barrientos who must be having a slow month of car sales as recent gains puts them in the #5 spot. What will the final days bring? Will there be be some last minute Herculean efforts to jump spots?

March Madness 3/28 Snapshot

Club miles padded total: 919.08. Lets break 1000!

East Hawai’i Challenge Race

Two courses were set and in classic EHC style they were long. The short course ran about 7 miles and the long course was about 10. The weather presented a “Kona-Style” beginning with a “Hilo-Style” finish. Short course racers lined the shore for a one foot on the sand start in hot calm weather. Their route was out the break wall, right to Onekahakaha and back with a quarter mile sprint along the beach to the finish.

Once the short course paddlers reached the tip of the wall the long course racers set out behind them. They had a similar course but out to Waiuli (Richardson’s Beach) and back.

The weather slowly switched from the Kona-like hot and flat to a light easterly breeze which slowly built. By the time the long course boats had reached the turning point a slight wind chop had started to form. While not a downwind sleigh ride, there were bumps to surf and a breeze to help push. The only downside was the easterly also meant the final 1/4 sprint up the beach to the finish was an arm burning upwind leg.

And naturally to close out the end of the race, a rain squall rolled in and dropped the temperature dramatically. Keaukaha paddlers represented well on all the courses with Jose the unchallenged long course leader with an amazing 3 minute lead. Honorable mention goes to Ali’i Youderian a Junior on the short course with a similar impressive 3 minute lead over the pack.

  • Long: Jose, Keahi, Eric, Jeff
  • Short: Grant & Kawai, Nahiena & Ryan “Kawika” Kekuawela, Greg, Kanoe, Lewis Fleishour (V1 Jr.), Brandi, Eha Kiyuna (V1 Jr.), Niau Paulos (V1 Jr.), Dalilah Martin (V1. Jr), Kwai-Chang, Kaui, Rena, Malakai Laititi (V1 Jr.), Cother-McKeague La’a (V1 Jr), Corrina, Waiolukea Publico (V1 Jr.), Tanoa Latiti (V1 Jr)