Valentine’s Relay Race

This is a Big Island classic with something for everyone. You could do an iron 8 miles, or 10 miles, or split it up and do half as a relay with a paddling partner. There’s even an option to do the iron yourself and have a partner do part of the relay with you so you can enter both iron and a relay so your partner can paddle a single leg.

This Saturday’s race followed on the tails of high surf warnings so hopes were up there would be some extra wave action. Kona being Kona however we didn’t get much of that swell but the wind tried to help out. The 9:30 am short course start saw the paddlers heading south into a building breeze out of Honokohau Harbor to Kamakahonu Beach where they would either swap with their partner or u-turn for the 8 mile iron short course. The 10:00 am start for the long course proceeded along the same line but further south to the coast guard 1.2 mile swim buoy then into Kamakahonu for the relay exchange or iron turn around.

Both courses had some south flowing current along Kiawe Point and paddlers on the inside grabbed a boost while pushing upwind. A navigational error by the lead pack on the long course sent some paddlers on an extra mile or so to correct their course error. Small wind bumps helped lift paddlers back north to the finish back at the harbor.

A raffle was held online to help raise money for the youth paddling program and the winners were announced on Instagram.

Congrats to the Keaukaha Paddlers (*and their relay partners)! The Juniors also charged the long iron course which was an amazing effort!

  • Long Course: Keahi, Arron*, Eric, Jose, Jose & Brandi, Lewis Fleishour (KOYD jr. v1), Shai Badon Dellomes (KOYD jr. v1), Cother La’a (KOYD jr. v1)
  • Short Course: Kyle*, Kanoe & Kama, Greg

Remember next week’s race is in Hilo on the 20th. Signup today:

Signup to Race In Hilo


Pa’akai Paddles Race – Feb. 6 2021

Good news! HIPA was able to get approval for the oc1 season races and yesterday’s race was jammed with Keaukaha paddlers on both courses. Both courses ran north against a light breeze. There was a nice mix of bumps and the long course got the pleasure of the washing machine waters south of the harbor on the way back from their southern turning point. The dolphins were outside the harbor and the skies were clear enough to see the snow on the mountains.

Check out the HIPA schedule for the races.

Which includes the postponed Hilo race which will now run on the 20th. And signup is open for the Valentines race this Saturday.

Special congratulations go to the Junior paddlers that managed to make the race all the way over in Kona and hammering in the V1s. Great job to them! And congrats to our newest Novice paddler, Mike McConnell!

Long Course: Jose, Aaron, Keahi, Eric, Jeff, Brandi

Short Course: Grant & Kawai, Mike, Greg, Cother (jr. v1), Pakela (jr. v1)

(Also KOYD jr. paddlers: Kala’i and Dalilah)


Covid 19 and Paddling

All paddling activities for the club are currently suspended. OC1 and individual sports are encouraged and the OC1 halau is still operating for you to use. Please practice safe distancing while on shore. As soon as we have an update on any openings we will announce it.