March MADNESS Begins

Announcing the 2021 KCC OC1 Series

2021 OC Club Events

In lieu of the OC-6 season that may or may not happen (again) this year, the club is hosting an alternative 2021 OC-1 paddling program that will consist of monthly events or challenges that Keaukaha members may participate in. The Keaukaha 2021 OC-1 Series will run from March-October and will be open to current Keaukaha CC members ONLYThis means that members must register with KCC, sign their HCRA waiver, and pay their annual KCC dues of $100 prior to participating in any of the eventsKeiki 17 and under will not be charged dues but must still have their KCC registration and HCRA waivers completed. If you want to join in the fun contact us and request a website account and we’ll set you up.

We hope that this program will be something we all can look forward to that will encourage our members to stay active on the water, to keep healthy and follow physical distancing rules, have lots of fun, and even win some cool prizes!


We’re kicking off the Keaukaha 2021 OC-1 Series with our first event: March Madness. How many miles can you paddle in a month?! Keep track of all the miles you’ve hammered throughout the month of March. Entries must be submitted through the Keaukaha CC March MADNESS page (you must login first) where you’ll be able to enter your miles, track your monthly total, and see how you measure up with other club members on the leaderboard.

Don’t worry if you’re shy, you can choose to use a different public name and change it whenever you want. If you don’t have a GPS to track your miles, no problem! Take a look at the pre-measured courses on the bottom of the March Madness page to help determine your distances paddled.

Once you submit an entry (as well as for each event thereafter), you’ll be entered into the drawing for the prizes of the month. Monthly prizes will also be displayed on the KCC website.

The current and upcoming month’s event details will be posted on the KCC website. An e-mail will also be sent out a week prior containing the next month’s event details. Prize winners will be notified by e-mail.

We hope you enjoy the Keaukaha 2021 OC-1 Event Series! If you have any questions or concerns, you may direct them to Kanoe (Malani) Lee Loy via the contact page.