East Hawaii Challenge 2022

Everyone’s favorite one-man Hilo race took place Saturday. With strong winds forecast expectations were high, but rain filled clouds put a damper on the trade winds. There were plenty of bumps to ride but it was a technical run. Long course was a little over 10 miles and short course was about 6.

Both courses began at the same time in a back-to-back simultaneous start. Short course sprinted towards Hilo and long course went the opposite way around kings landing out to the black rock about 2 miles away. Kings landing was a challenge with swirling currents, bigger swells and a mix of waves.

Keaukaha paddlers not only packed the short course but also claimed the top spots on both courses. Jose was the first to finish the long course and Kyle was the first OC1 to finish the short course. Lots of KCC paddlers placed well in their divisions too. Great to see everyone out there on our home waters! We have short video included this week complements of Aaron Makaimoku.

  • Long Course: Jose, Eric, Kawena
  • Short Course: Kyle, Crystal & Tyron, Eha (Jr.), Keahi, Grant, Kawika, Greg, Rodrigo, Kawaipio, Loren, Nate, Gary, Clem, Kwai-Chang, Brandi
Video by Aaron Makaimoku