Keoua’s Kupuna Memorial Race 2022

Saturday’s sunrise reviled a clear day in Honaunau with a light NW breeze and some NW swell rolling into the shore. To the dismay of some, the close out sets over the rocky reef exit wasn’t something they wanted to test their expensive carbon fiber canoes on. A few paddlers awed by the larger sets decided not to race. Others grit their teeth and tried their best to time their exits and entrances. Out of about 60 or so canoes about 5 found rocks. The start was slightly delayed as the jet ski assisted bringing a canoe or two back inside the channel.

There was a single start horn and the paddlers sprinted north riding some reflected bumps and looking for current pushes as the ocean tides created a variety of confusing surface streams.

Tyler was the first OC1 to finish on the long course and Kyle being the 3rd OC1 overall and we had many KCC paddlers placing. Great paddling!

Long: Tyler (1st OC1 overall), Kyle, Eric

Short: Grant, Jeff, Loren, Gary, Kawai (1st in Division), Warren