Both Adults and Keiki dust off those paddles. The week of March 4 we will start to meet up with the coaches and hit the water. Schedules may end up adjusting based on crew needs and canoe availability.

Adult Paddler Dues & Paperwork

Make sure you’ve logged in and paid your dues and finished your paperwork before getting in a canoe. Coaches will be checking.

New Paddlers

Request an account on our website if you don’t have one.


  • Novice A/B: Eric H. – Tuesday/Thursday 4:30pm, Sunday 2pm
  • OPEN/W40: Keahi – M/T/W/Th 5-6:30pm, Sunday 6-8am
  • W50/W55: Tito – Tuesday/Friday 5-6 pm
  • W60+: Join W50/W55 with Tito Tues/Fri 5-6pm


  • Novice A/B: Kwai – Tuesday/Thursday 4-6, + 1 weekend day (TBD)
  • OPEN/M40: Kama – M/W/Th 4:30pm
  • M50/55: Tito – Tuesday/Friday 5-6 pm
  • M60+: Warren – M/W/Fri 3pm

Keiki Forms and Schedule

Parents – Please fill out the forms for your paddlers:

Filling out the form will add you to a separate contact list from the adults.

  • Menehune (under 12) – Friday 4-5 pm
  • 12-18 – M/T/W/Th 3-5pm

Bonus: Monday Madness

For those looking for some extra water time, Monday will be an open day to all levels/ages of paddlers who have OC1’s. Let’s go for a 4:30pm fleet departure from the beach, or join up on the water if you can’t make that time.

If you can’t keep up, that’s fine. Here’s some rules of thumb.

  • Stay on the same line as the other paddlers.
  • If in trouble, hold your paddle blade above the water to draw attention. (This signal can also be used by leaders to tell the group to stop/regroup).
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with the route or conditions, turn back and let others know you’re heading back.
  • Also before the paddle out, if you’re not sure about conditions or leaving early, let others know you might turn back early.
  • If you’re outside the wall and see the faster group stopping, then stop unless the plan is to regroup. When they turn around and start paddling, start heading back too. This helps keep the group from spreading out.
  • Keep your equipment in good condition and know your limits.

2024 Schedule

It seems likely that Kona will not get their racing permits in time for the 2024 season, but this is still Moku’s published schedule. Races are expected to all be in Hilo again this season, updates to the link above will be made as the dates get closer.

2024-05-04HOEMANA KAI KUKINISpencer Beach ParkLD*Hoemana
2024-05-11KAWAIHAEKawaihae HarborLD*Kawaihae Canoe Club
2024-05-18KAI ʻEHITU/PAPA KIMITETEHilo Akiona CourseRG*Kai ʻEhitu Outrigger Team
2024-05-25KEAUHOUKailua BayLD*Keauhou Canoe Club
2024-06-01HUI WAʻA O WAIĀKEA/IRA&BARBARA KEKAUALHilo BayLD*Hui Waʻa ʻO Waiākea
2024-06-08KAI ʻŌPUA/KAMEHAMEHA DAYKailua BayLD*Kai Opua Canoe Club
2024-06-15KAILANAHilo Bay (1/4)RG*Kailana Canoe Club
2024-06-22KEAUKAHAHilo Bay (1/4)RG*Keaukaha Canoe Club
2024-06-29PUNAHilo Akiona CourseRG*Puna Canoe Club
2024-07-06KAMEHAMEHA HILO/JOHN KEKUA JRHilo Akiona CourseRG*Kamehameha Canoe Club – Hilo
2024-07-13PADDLERS OF LAKA/NA WAʻA HANAKAHIHilo Akiona CourseRG*Paddlers of Laka
2024-08-10MILOLIʻIMiloli’i BayLD*Miloliʻi Canoe Club
2024-08-17KEŌUA/CALVIN KELEKOLIOHonaunau BayLD*Keōua Hōnaunau Canoe Club
2024-08-24WAIKOLOA/GREAT WAIKOLOA RACEAnaeho’omalu BayLD*Waikoloa Canoe Club
See for updates

*RG is a sprints regatta

*LD is a long distance race


Contact us if you have some specific questions or need more information.