2024 Dues Due. Do It.

It’s that time again. OC1 stall holders need to renew their 2024 rental prior to Feb. 1 when we change keys. Paddlers need to also pay dues for OC6 Canoe use and get your HCRA waivers signed.

New HCRA Waiver Process

Login into your account, sign the forms and pay the dues owed. You will be required to print an HCRA waver, sign it, then scan or photograph it, then upload it to our website.

This is a new process but it will allow coaches to access your signed waiver for regattas and long distance races without having to repeat this multiple times.

Dues $100 / year, OC1 stalls are $120 with $50 refundable deposit.

Lost a Key?

If you need to replace a key, log into the website. Go to the menu->Halau->waitlist. There you’ll see a button “REQUEST REPLACEMENT KEY”. Click this ONCE. It will send a notification to us and it will reset your deposit.

Go to menu->Aloha->KCC BILLING SUMMARY and you should see the $50 deposit is due. Once this deposit is paid you can pick up your replacement key (instructions will be emailed).

Technical Difficulties?

You might experience a problem with getting your account renewed. If you do, take careful note of the details and explain it when you Contact Us for help (screenshots can help). Remember we are just volunteers, so patience and understanding is appreciated.

No Website Account?

If you’re interested in joining the club, use the Contact Us page. Please let us know some general information about yourself:

  • Why you want to join
  • Previous Experience (None is fine, but any water sports related experience is nice to know about)
  • Gender and age group (<40, 40-49, 50-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+)

We will discuss options with you and try to find a fit.

Team Jerseys

We plan on using the same blue 2023 jerseys and they can be found on our Store. There has been a few additions to the options including a couple other styles of synthetic jerseys and a black background version too for variety on non-race days.